Worst movie on IMDB?



This is the story about how an award winning, twice nominated for an Independent Spirit Award, dramatic film got the worst rating on IMDB.


The filmmakers were excited to promote Anne B Real and encourage people to go see the movie and if they liked it; rate the movie “1” being best. Those were the instructions on the email. A number of friends and fans went on the site and gladly rated. However, the rating was backwards.


“1” was worst.


And IMDB eventually corrected their rating systems, but never made any adjustments to our site. Leaving it the no #1 worst film on IMDB for a few months. People would write in and call all the time, saying ‘I just don’t understand, it was such a good movie.’


Now, we have a stream of people ‘jumping in’ on IMDB, saying horrible things and keeping it down. (What’s new there?) We have never made any stink of it, Anne B. Real holds up by itself.


For a film that was made way under $500,000, and with such universal appeal, with schools requesting it, educators praising it, and students picking up books to read in inner cities…it’s speaks for itself.


But, why don’t you be the judge? And please go vote on IMDB and see if we can turn this underdog story around.


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