About Anne B Real

Janice Richardson and Ernie Hudson

Janice Richardson and Ernie Hudson

A teenage hip-hop artist inspired by the diaries of Anne Frank.  Cynthia Gimenez  lives in a cramped Manhattan apartment on the edge of Spanish Harlem. Her mother and grandmother speak minimal English. Her older sister is an unwed mother living on welfare. Her older brother is a drug-dealing junkie. In the course of the film, Cynthia faces chaos and betrayal. One of her buddies is deliberately murdered, while another of her loved ones is accidentally shot. She runs from the police at one point, and to them at another. But through it all, Cynthia has a secret friend: Anne Frank.

Anne Frank

Anne Frank

In a flashback scene early in the film, Cynthias now-dead father gives his young daughter a dog-eared copy of THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK, and for the rest of the film Annes words, read verbatim by Cynthia, provide both her solace and her inspiration. Cynthia buys herself a plaid notebook that looks very much like Annes original, and she retreats to her corner, like Anne did, to record her private thoughts. All children must look after their own upbringing, she reads, and from these words she understands that she can either blame her surroundings and give up, or take responsibility for her own future.

Carlos Leon and Janice Richardson

Carlos Leon and Janice Richardson

She finds out that her brother is selling her poems to a rapper named Deuce who has been performing them and recording them and claiming them as his own. But with Annes voice in her head, Cynthia finds her courage, and by the end of the film she has transformed herself into an artist named Anne B. Real.

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Anne Frank~

In the Film, Anne B Real, brings to light a story of a female Black Latin hip-hop artist inspired by the diaries of Anne Frank, Luis Moro got permission from Buddy Elias, Anne Frank’s last living relative, and first cousin who is the Director of The Anne Frank Center in New York.
In Buddy’s correspondence with Luis, he said, “I didn’t know your film is made by African Americans. This thrills me, that alone is wonderful!!” -Buddy Elias. Elias’ support in his letter to filmmaker Moro said, “Congratulations to the awards!!!! Wonderful but it does not come as a surprise. The film is great. I had one exchange of letters with Steven Spielberg. You can write to him and let him know that I am supporting you and love the film. My wife and I are moved especially how Anne’s and Otto’s words are integrated in this film. With so much sensitivity. Thank you.” -Buddy Elias. Ground breaking in that never before the Black community integrated the a Jewish history of Anne Frank and her diary (The Diary of Anne Frank).


Sherri Saum

Sherri Saum





 Janice Richardson-Cynthia

Carlos Leon – Juan

Sherri Saum-Janet



David Zayas-Cynthia’s Dad





Ephraim Benton-Jerome

Jackie Quinones-Kitty

Ernie Hudson-Principal Davis

Antonio Macia-Michael Dominguez

Eric Smith-Duec


Charles Holt-Angel



Geronimo Frias-Darius

Luis Moro-Tommy Morrel

special thanks to:

Mike Starr-Ron

Jackie Martling-Mr. Hanger





Directed by: Lisa France

A Luis Moro Production




Pan African, H2O International, Santa Monica Film Festival, Dubrovnik International, American Black, Urban World, Sedona International, San Francisco Black, Taos Talking Pictures, Chicago International, Maryland, Atlanta, Zanzibar International, Newark Black, Flanders International and many more… Anne B. Real received the John Cassavetes “Best Feature” Award nomination, as well as the ‘Best Debut Actress’ nomination for the character ‘Cynthia’.



























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